24 марта 2017

"Crafty Club" is on Steam Greenlight!

Hi everyone! Today I've published my game on the Steam Greenlight. Please vote and help this game get on Steam!
What is this game? Why Steam? And what's going on here? About all of this - today and here! Be ready for positive news and juicy stuff :)

About the game

"Crafy Club" is the idle/clicker game with an interesting game mechanics. You have several mini-games to earn some money, simple crafting system and a lot of fun during forging stuff for your clients!
Previously I made a small flash game with the similar mechanics. And... it's really good game! So now I've decided to publish the game on the Steam GreenLight.

Why Steam?

Today nobody plays flash games, and it's harder and harder to earn money from html5 games... and there is too crowdy in mobile stores. So, maybe it's time to try PC/Mac platform as well? I dream about extending gameplay time of my games, implement dialogues, interesting script and other stuff. I couldn't do it with flash games. And I'd like to try all this things with PC platform! Yay!
So, Crafty Club will be my first game on Steam.

What about Greenlight?

It will be closed soon. And nobody knows how we will publish games on Steam then. So, I'm trying to step in with closing doors :)

What's next?

Today I've published video, screenshots and description of the game. So, please vote and help us!
Actually I'm still making and polishing the game. A lot of new content such as graphics, levels, jokes are still in progress...
A few days ago I've finished interesting thing for balancing the game. Artificial intelligence... What? Yeah! It helps me with changing some parameters of the game. It can play in 300 times faster than human and then I have a table of its gameplay's progress. When does it reach it fifteenth level? How much money does it have? All these data will be in the table. Good for me!

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